There are interesting ways to get to Marshall, Michigan; or to get around once you’re here.

If you are coming from Albion, for example, there is a little bus called the Albion Marshall Connector.

Here is a facebook page about the connector.

Somebody in Albion, even with a wheelchair, could get picked up at the Albion Post Office, or City Hall, or right at their door and get a ride to Oaklawn Hospital for an appointment and also get a ride back. The prices on the flier were from 2015, so call them to confirm, but they give you an idea of what to expect. There is a Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays at Oaklawn Hospital so someone from Albion could take the connector, go to the Farmers’ Market and come home without driving. We might try that and will post photos if we do and write about how it worked and more details.

The Albion Marshall Connector runs both ways, so someone could conceivably take the Connector from Marshall to downtown Albion, and explore – perhaps do the “Purple Gang Tour” then go to Cascarelli’s for a pizza. The catch is, that right now the connector only runs during the day, and during the week, as far as we know. We’ll get more alternative transportation options posted here in the near future. Remember, you can always hike or bike to Marshall on one of the trails. Maybe there are canoe launches for people arriving by boat in the summer. We’ll find out. See the Trails page for more information about the outdoorsy ways of getting around.

There is also a bus within Marshall called Dial-a-Ride. The phone number is on the van, as long as people know the area code is 269.

There are buses to other cities also, but not as convenient. The Greyhound bus has stations in Albion and in Battle Creek. For the adventuresome, there is a Mega Bus to Chicago, but the closest stop is East Lansing. But someone could ride the Mega Bus in style to visit Chicago and not deal with the traffic there.