This calendar of Calhoun County big tourism events has some general information

For the most official information and calendars, visit the links below Marshall Public Schools calendar, and other calendars for the Chambers of Commerce, and the Calhoun County Tourism Bureau. General Guides lists general times and dates for big community events. Times and places are subject to change. Please verify each item before you make plans. The Google Calendar at will have links to more official information for each item shown for your convenience.

If you have trouble seeing the calendar or if the box is gray, here is a direct link to a bigger version: . In case the calendar below looks blank, you may need to be logged into Google (like Gmail) to see the calendar.

The purple links are the ones we created and they have customized information to major repeating events. They click through to the official sources of information. Some of them will also repeat forward into future years also in case you want to see which events are probably on which days in 2019, 2020 or 2021.

The brown links are from a Google Calendar created for things related to the County Fair, or actual things that the CCAIS decided to put onto their Google Calendar. They are very helpful and we are glad they are using the Google Calendar system because it is easier to sync together for our area. Those links do not click through to more information though.

Official Calendars related to Marshall, and Calhoun County, Michigan:

Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival takes place the week leading up to July 4 in 2017. We are scheduling this as a recurring time frame but please be sure to click through to official links to confirm your visit.

Visit the official site at
Here is some history of the event.
1981Battle Creek, Michigan, hosted the 5th World Hot-Air Balloon Championship. Pilots from 23 different countries were represented, and the event drew nearly one million spectators to marvel over the beautiful array of 195 hot-air balloons. “Because of the overwhelming success of the 1981 World’s Championship, Battle Creek decided to again submit a bid to host the 7th World Hot-Air Balloon Championship which took place in June of 1985. Only one other city in the United States has been chosen to host the World’s Championship more than once.
for more history visit the official history page at this location.

To get official information about the Calhoun County Fair in Marshall, Michigan including the exact dates, please visit


Another excellent source of information in Marshall is the Marshall Chamber of Commerce. The real name of this group is now MARSHALL AREA ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ALLIANCE.

Access their facebook page at

There are more events for Albion on a similar calendar that you can access by clicking this link, or look in the menu above for a pull-down menu button: